TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


With the end of the year approaching, the world is looking forward to the moment when the clock strikes midnight, releasing the wonderful energy harbored by the magnificent gold and brilliant diamonds. As we let go of the past and wish for a brand new day, allow the shining jewels to light up every joyful moment and immerse in the vitality of the festive season.

Chaumet Jeux de Liens Harmony 系列情境圖。
Chaumet Jeux de Liens Harmony collection. 


為迎接嶄新開端,歡暢派對是不可少的儀式感。追求細緻優雅的法國皇家珠寶 Chaumet,其經典作品擁有獨特魅力,每每佩戴皆能成為矚目焦點。Joséphine 系列作品體現了典雅魅力,運用白金和鑽石製成的 Joséphine Duo Éternel 臻品重新演繹品牌標誌性的 toi et moi 與梨形設計,靈動精緻,而鑲嵌海藍寶石或珍珠的 Joséphine d’Aigrettes 增添了一抹清新,輔以時髦配搭更顯動人。Bee My Love 系列的光芒照亮世界角落,透過蜂巢重新演繹象徵皇權的蜜蜂圖案,玫瑰金與美鑽製成的圈式耳環、手鐲、吊墜和標誌性戒指,每款臻品皆璀璨且時尚,送禮自用兩相宜。從巴黎凡登廣場 12 號到天涯海角,Liens 系列讚頌著相聚的歡欣情感,由瑰麗孔雀石到金光閃閃的藍色青金石至奪目美鑽,Jeux de Liens Harmony 吊墜代表著不同的色彩密語,悄然化身聚會中最耀眼的存在。

Chaumet Bee My Love 系列情境圖。
Chaumet Bee My Love collection. 


何謂當代氣息的鑽石風采,由 Tiffany & Co. 最新力作  Tiffany Edge 系列完美詮釋。以18K 金突顯多排圓形明亮式鑽石的設計焦點,處處顯現 Tiffany 奢華細膩、具功能性且獨樹一幟的品牌美學。線條簡潔的極致光芒,不僅為穿搭凝聚點睛巧思,亦可疊戴搭配營造日常感,彰顯不一般的自我風格。另一吸睛的 Tiffany Lock 系列,獨特鎖型重新定義人與人之間的緊密關係,更以現代化、簡約線條和突破性鎖扣機制為特色,推出 18K 黃金、玫瑰金與無鑲鑽或舖鑲鑽石款式,進而跨越性別,顛覆過往既定印象與思維,嶄新立下珠寶佩戴的全新規則,憑一只手環大膽宣示「No Rules. All Welcome.」短短幾個秋,或許人生便應如此。

賈靜雯佩戴 Tiffany Edge 鉑金與 18K 金鑲鑽耳環。
Alyssa Chia wearing Tiffany Edge Drop Earrings in platinum and yellow gold with diamonds


四葉幸運草的美滿寓意,一直是 Van Cleef & Arpels 傳世經典 Alhambra 系列的靈感啟發。如今再添五款新作,迎來長項鍊、手鍊、吊墜,戒指及耳環,以白 K 金演繹璣鏤雕花的非凡工藝,猶如和煦暖陽烙下道道軌跡,映照流光溢彩,而同色系的純美光澤,延展了衣著搭配的無限可能。其圓珠所勾勒的輪廓與中央一顆金質飾珠相映成趣,進而展現 Alhambra 系列的原創風格,薈萃高級珠寶世家的工藝精髓,融會寶石切割技師、珠寶匠、拋光師至寶石鑲嵌工匠的非凡造詣,完好勾勒雋永迷人的設計美學。願每位佩戴 Alhambra 之人,心中所想皆能圓滿實現。     

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra 吊墜情境圖。
Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra pendants. 


珠寶不僅能為整體捎來亮點,背後所乘載的人文故事與藝術藴意,引領著佩戴者走向未知的美好彼岸。今年,Dior 珠寶創意總監 Victoire de Castellane 為 Rose des Vents 迎來了一場奇幻的奧德賽之旅,同時向迪奧先生的幸運星致敬。採用來自四面八方的彩寶,以迪奧先生喜愛的顏色點綴兩面皆有圖案的圓章,金質穀粒紋鑲嵌令人聯想航海繩索,伴隨徐徐海風輕撫,八芒星襯托鑲嵌其中的鑽石熠熠生輝,孔雀石與青金石和具異國情調的綠松石正交織出動人舞步。汲取迪奧先生珍愛的標誌性元素,由珍珠母貝打造的玫瑰、蜜蜂與鈴蘭,增添了似水般的爛漫柔情。另一如幸運符的項鍊與手鍊作品,由多個小巧吊飾構成,雙心、骷髏頭、羅盤玫瑰、蜜蜂、鈴蘭等趣味圖案,為歡愉時刻營造獨具特色。

Rose des Vents 黃 K 金彩寶鑽石多層次項鍊,參考定價 NT$2,300,000。
Rose des Vents Necklace, recommended price NT$2,300,000.

A Brilliant Existence 

To welcome a brand new year, having a year-end celebration is almost a must. Always in pursuit of delicacy and elegance, French high jewelry brand Chaumet embodies a unique charm, with its Joséphine collection being a perfect testament to the power in sophistication. In white gold and diamonds, Joséphine Duo Éternel revisits the toi et moi aesthetic and the signature pear cut, while Joséphine Aigrettes, set with aquamarines or pearls, radiates with a refreshing energy complemented by modern style. Illuminating the corners of the world, the Bee My Love collection reinterprets the honeycombs emblematic of royalty. From the earrings in rose gold and diamonds, bracelets, pendants to solitaires, everything shines with a fashionable brilliance, perfect as a gift or for the self. Lastly, returning to the origin—12 Place Vendôme Paris—where everything started, the Liens collection celebrates the joy of reunions and togetherness. Offered in malachite, lapis lazuli and brilliant diamonds, the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions become a code of colors, quietly transfiguring into the most luminous existence at any party or gathering. 

Chaumet Joséphine d’Aigrettes 系列情境圖。
Chaumet Joséphine d’Aigrettes collection. 

Contemporary Beauty 

When it comes to capturing the beauty in contemporary styles with diamonds, the latest Tiffany Edge collection does a perfect job. Highlighting the rows of round brilliant-cut diamonds with 18K gold, the design showcases the brand’s opulence, delicacy, functionality and distinctive aesthetics. Its minimalist curve not only is a great finishing touch to any outfit, but it can also be styled with layers to create a sense of quotidian ease like no other. Another star collection, the Tiffany Lock redetermines the intimate bonds that make us who we are with the exclusive padlock design. Modernized, simple and innovative, it introduces renditions in 18K gold and rose gold, with and without diamond pavings. Dismantling outdated mindsets and conventions, the series establishes brand new rules of jewelry with one simple statement: “No rules. All welcome.”

Tiffany Lock 18K 金手鐲,參考定價 NT$201,000。
Tiffany Lock Bangle in 18K gold, recommended price NT$201,000.

Charged with Fortune 

Four-leaf clovers, a timeless symbol of luck, have always been sources of inspiration for the signature Alhambra collection by Van Cleef & Arpels. Welcoming five innovations—long necklace, bracelet, pendant, rings and earrings—the extraordinary craftsmanship of the guilloché is interpreted through 18K white gold. Like rays of warm sunlight, the jewels capture the pure luster and offer infinite styling possibilities with similar color coordination. Adorning each piece with a border of golden beads and one in the center, the Alhambra brings its distinctive style to full bloom, whilst reflecting all the expertise of a High Jewelry Maison. From the lapidary, jeweler, polisher to the stone-setter, different crafts have come together to create the perfectly timeless design, with one aspiration in mind—may the wishes made by all the wearers of Alhambra come true. 

Journey to the Other Side 

Not only is jewelry the perfect finishing touch to everyday look, but the story and meaning it bears can also become a spiritual guidance for the wearer. This year, Victoire de Castellane, creative designer of Dior jewelry, celebrates Monsieur Dior’s lucky star with Rose des vents, a collection conceived as a fantastic journey emblematic of the Odyssey. Using precious gemstones from all around the world, reversible medallions in Monsieur Dior’s favorite colors are edged with a gold rice grain setting reminiscent of sailing ropes. Beaming with life, the eight-pointed gold star is set with sparkling diamonds, while the malachite, lapis lazuli and turquoise dance alongside each other. Drawing from motifs Monsieur Dior cherished, the rose, the bee and the lily of the valley, all in white mother-of-pearl, are reinterpreted with a touch of flowing romance. Meanwhile, completed by miniature lucky charms such as the double heart, the skull, compass rose, the bee and the lily of the valley, the talismanic necklace and bracelet radiate with a distinctive style that pay tribute to the joyful moments in life.