【專訪】Villa R 主人李烱烽|全台最難入住的無敵海景Villa 神秘私宅!

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang

放眼望去,靜靜伏臥於太平洋的龜山島,伴隨天光雲影流動,初春破曉的蔚藍寧靜、盛夏晌午的熠熠海面、秋令向晚的瀰漫彩霞、隆冬子夜的遼闊星空,四季裡皆有不同的迷人風貌。「少無適俗韻,性本愛丘山。」或許是李烱烽的最佳寫照,憑渾然天成的美學底蘊,將心底那座澄淨青山寄託於 Villa R 中,每每到訪,總能收穫變化多端的人生驚喜。

Villa R 擁有獨樹一幟的山海景致。
Villa R is surrounded by breathtaking views of the sea and mountain.


「榮華於此,融山入境。」八字雋語塑形了 Villa R 的存在本質,也實現了李烱烽對於生活的理想光景。占地 5000 平米,一磚一瓦、一草一木皆出自他之手,六間風格迥異的房間,悄然凸顯了主人的美學品味。當問及工藝品的挑選原則,李烱烽笑答其實沒什麼邏輯,或許是自小受美術薰陶,日積月累的藝術涵養深刻入骨,「看到覺得喜歡我就買了,感覺合適就放著。」全然倚靠直覺的精準目光,讓人既驚喜又折服。每逢親朋好友造訪 Villa R,李烱烽必會分享戶外的壯闊景色,更分享曾有一位朋友形容眼前的景色「哇~你們的螢幕好大喔!」發自內心的逗趣反饋讓他難以忘懷。愜意坐在搖籃之上,望著一旁的唯美鹿角蕨與淡雅鮮花,眼前來自峇里島的青銅狐獴和鴨子雕塑,恰與海天一色完好融合,「一年四季的感覺都不一樣,我覺得那是種生活的態度。」

The living room filled with a large art collection highlights the aesthetic taste of the host.



Villa R 主人李烱烽。
The host of Villa R, River Lee.


座落玄關與樓梯轉角的藝術作品,為李烱烽近期最新的收藏,出自義大利雕刻詩人 Willy VERGINER 之手,取材伊甸園的原始故事,以象徵毅力的驢與呼吸奔跑的鹿,反映出人與生態的錯綜複雜,種種豐厚概念皆深深吸引著他,更笑稱自己與牠們有著不解之緣。蔣勳曾言:「過得像個人,才能看到美。」如此道理也輝映著李烱烽的人生信念,從不吝於深度體驗生活,也透過旅遊增長見聞與開拓眼界,尤其義大利與西班牙之美,著實對他影響至深,「我去西班牙欣賞高第的作品,真的覺得他很厲害,可以說服有錢人出資五億十億替這個家族打造一個建築物,可能我是學美術的,如果我們小老百姓的生活美學能夠影響這些有錢人,除了幫國家賺很多外匯,更要留下一些美的東西,也是另一種感動。」既浪漫又務實的性格,於談笑風生中表露無遺。

As far as the eye can see, Guishan Island sits upon the Pacific Ocean as it wavers with the light of the sky and the clouds. From the peaceful dawn of blue in early spring, the glistening ocean in summer, the evening haze of autumn, to the vast starry sky in winter, the four seasons come with breathtaking views. “I’ve loathed common pleasures since I was a boy, while hills and mountains have filled me with joy,” wrote poet Tao Chien, a line that became the best portrayal of River Lee. With an innate taste for beauty, he projects the pure image of green mountains onto Villa R, imbuing it with surprises that alter upon each visit. 

From Sea to Sky 

“Integrate with nature by letting go of wealth.” Eight simple words shape the essence of Villa R and perfectly explains Lee’s ideal vision of life. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, every single brick, tile, plant and tree came from the hands of the director. The six rooms of distinctive styles quietly showcase his aesthetic taste. Having grown up in the presence of art and accumulated years of artistic understanding, Lee smiles and says there really isn’t any logic or explanation behind his choice in arts and crafts. “I bought it because I think I like it and I put them in places where I think they fit.” Relying purely on instinct, his precision in art is surprising and impressive. Lee would always recommend the majestic view of the landscapes visible from the outdoor area whenever his friends visit Villa R. Once, looking at the views, his friend even gasped and said—“wow, what a nice screen!”—a hilarious comment that was memorable to him. As we take a seat on the rocking chair and enjoy the presence of the beautiful antler fern and elegant flowers, the bronze meerkat and duck sculptures from Bali come into view, blending seamlessly with the sea and sky. “Each season feels different. I think that is a kind of life attitude.” 

The saying—the devil is in the details—is reflected through the Taiwanese hinoki bathtubs.

Pursuing Aesthetic Beauty 

With the views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains as the backdrop, the Japanese-styled Sea and Mountain Terrace Suite comes with a peaceful ambiance. From the century-old antique bed, rattan round desk, egg-shaped lamp, to the Taiwanese cypress bathtub, every piece of furniture reflects Lee’s distinctive taste, a testament to the saying, the devil is in the details. Meanwhile, the French Bay Terrace Suite also comes with a spectacular view. The minimalist, pure white interior adds a sense of elegant romance to the atmosphere of the room. “When you take a bath at dusk here, the entire population of Yilan county will light the night for you. If there is an award for the top ten most romantic bathtubs, I think this one might make the cut,” says Lee, chuckling. The Night View Room is another one of his favorites. After renovation, guests can now enjoy the vast landscapes of Guishan Island and Lanyang Plain while lying in bed. “I remember the first time I stayed in this room, the view was so beautiful to the point that I didn’t want to close my eyes. After I fell asleep, the sun came up around 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. It was absolutely amazing, I love the angle of this room.” A tribute to the depths of the ocean, the Blue Ocean Room is thus born. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing essence of the sea, Lee chose to decorate the room with hues of blue and green in different saturations. The bold blue carpet, along with intricate decorations, not only serves as the perfect finishing touch, but also proves his pursuit in the aesthetic beauty in life. 

Savoring Life 

The artworks placed in the entrance and by the stairs are the latest addition to Lee’s vast collection. From Italian visual artist Willy Verginer, they draw inspiration from the origin story of the Garden of Eden. Featuring the determination of the donkey and the vitality of a running deer, they reflect the complications of humans and nature. Lee finds the layers of concept fascinating and believes that he shares an intimate connection with them. Artist Hsun Chiang once said, “To see beauty, we have to live like humans,” a statement that aligns with Lee’s belief in life. Never hesitant about experiencing life, he is always expanding his horizon and perspective through traveling. Of all the places, Italy and Spain are the ones that left a strong impression on him. “I went to Spain for Antoni Gaudí’s works and I was impressed by how he was able to convince the rich to sponsor and build buildings for this family. Maybe it is because I studied art, so the idea that the aesthetic tastes of ordinary citizens like us can have an influence over wealthy people is fascinating to me. Not only can we earn a lot of money for our country, but we also have to preserve some beautiful things in the process,” Lee laughs and says, while his romantic but pragmatic personality is revealed as our conversation arrives to an end.