禮讚四季 藝述自然 |De Beers、DAMIANI、Louis Vuitton、GRAFF珠寶展現巔峰美學!

TRANSLATION | Eugenia Yang


Metamorphosis by De Beers 高級珠寶系列 Prelude 雞尾酒戒指情境圖。
Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewelry Collection Prelude Cocktail Ring.


禮讚天然鑽石的自然能量,De Beers 全新推出以四季流轉為靈感的Metamorphosis by De Beers 高級珠寶系列,結合創新設計與卓越工藝,為現代珠寶再創巔峰美學。首先以 Prelude 套組開啟第一篇章,九件精美絕倫的珍品融匯了一系列專業金工與鑽石鑲嵌技術,運用多樣化的標誌性、彩色金屬、玫瑰金與白鑽、褐鑽和彩鑽巧妙搭配,喚醒對每個季節的色調記憶,套組中共有四件可轉換式作品,刻畫天然的神秘蛻變,歌頌大地之美。其中最耀眼的非 Prelude 耳掛莫屬,以彩色鈦金屬製成的蝶蛹圖案設計垂於每條鑽石細鏈尾端,蝶蛹圖案部分則可摘下,作為吊飾添加於隨附手鍊上,破蛹成蝶的寓意令人驚喜。另一可轉換式項鍊由四條運用不同工藝和金屬材質打造的鑽石鏈組成,呼應四序旖旎風光,鑽鏈亦可單獨佩戴,堪稱大師之筆;而 Prelude 嵌套式戒指,藉四條短鏈構成如外套般的「嵌套」部分,並與一枚單鑽戒指共同組合為令人驚艷之作,描摹極富生命力的珠寶畫卷,於手指綻放蓬勃光芒。

Metamorphosis by De Beers 高級珠寶系列 Prelude 手環,價格店洽。
Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewelry Collection Prelude Bracelet, contact store for price.
Metamorphosis by De Beers 高級珠寶系列 Prelude 圈形長耳環,價格店洽。
Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewelry Collection Prelude Long Hoop Earrings, contact store for price.


擷取含羞草的雋永高雅,DAMIANI 特以 Mimosa 高級珠寶系列敬獻女性特質,透過鑲嵌大小不等、繽紛多彩的寶石描摹含羞草枝葉與姿態,其中以細緻玫瑰金打造鮮亮 Mimosa 18K 玫瑰金鑲鑽、藍寶石與珊瑚項鍊,顆顆殷紅的珊瑚由白鑽、紅寶石、粉紅剛玉簇擁著,正悄然訴說羞澀中潛藏的熱情,飽滿色澤散發迷人魅力。另一引人注目的輕盈戒指設計,來自含羞草和諧隨性的特質,透過祖母綠、紅寶石、藍寶石的多方演繹,呈獻百年來積累的金匠工藝,為顏色賦予靈動生命,當微風徐徐吹來,指間的含羞草彷若隨之擺動,於實虛間,營造如馬賽克般的華麗立體感,流露嬌羞花顏的萬種風情。

DAMIANI Mimosa 系列情境圖。
DAMIANI Mimosa Collection.


精緻創作銜接獨特符碼,將女人自信與美麗兼具的柔性能量淋漓盡致地展現,便是本次 Louis Vuitton 高級珠寶 Spirit Chapter II 欲傳遞的精髓所在,以三十件創作釋放龐大動能,同時延續四大精神價值:命運、自由、夢想與光芒,紅寶石的耀眼磅礴,融入字母 V 設計語彙,串連成三條項鍊圍繞頸部曲線,無數隱形的鉸接結構賦予了項鍊靈活柔軟。自由不羈持續是 Louis Vuitton 的靈感來源,Damier 圖案與 V 形並列,交疊著標誌行李箱的鉸鏈圖案,超過 195 顆客製化切工的精心鑽石,建構出風格獨具的視覺意象,另一驚艷的行李箱造型吊墜項鍊,則可打開並延展,引起人們欲窺探的好奇。嶄新的 Radiance 項鍊散發無畏氣息,鏡面般的黃 K 金金字塔造型交織著鑽石密釘鑲 V 形標誌,17.48 克拉橘色錳鋁石榴石為整體增添一抹溫暖感性,展現持續向前的生命勇氣。

Louis Vuitton 高級珠寶 Spirit Chapter II Liberty 吊墜,白 K 金,鉑金,1 顆 5.14 克拉 祖母綠切工祖母綠和其他鑽石,價格店洽。
Louis Vuitton High Jewelry Spirit Chapter II Liberty Pendant, white K gold, platinum, diamond and a 5.14 carat emerald-cut emerald, contact store for price.


一眼足以讓人怦然心動,GRAFF 於巴黎高訂時裝週矚目發表瑰麗新作,稀世難求的 50 克拉 D 色無瑕橢圓形鑽石,配以共重 100 克拉的梨形、祖母綠形切割、橢圓形、圓形和梯形切割鑽石,展現無以倫比的攝人美態和無匹工藝。運用層次立體的美鑽和對比鮮明的切割方式,將光線塑造為嶄新型態,呈現出乎意料的立體感和深度,搖曳生姿的鑽石流蘇則由橢圓形和梨形鑽石交織而成,使整體線條流麗唯美,如水面泛起的熠熠波粼,漣漪了然於心。另一為之著迷的黃鑽系列,結合創新工藝與稀世光芒,從初稿草圖至臻美瑰寶的動人蛻變,猶如光明女神下凡,為世間捎來溫婉輝煌,也映照著遙遠的極樂天堂,一瞥瞬間莫過於此。

GRAFF 於巴黎高訂時裝週矚目發表瑰麗新作,稀世難求的 50 克拉 D 色無瑕橢圓形鑽石,展現無以倫比的攝人美態。
GRAFF unveils a new creation at Paris Couture Week, a rare and extraordinary 50 carat D Flawless oval diamond showcasing an unparalleled beauty.

As the sun rises and sets, life blooms and withers when the seasons change, the growth of vegetation shows us the way of nature. The process of metamorphosis perfectly echoes with the cycle of life, further creating exceptional gifts from mother earth. Drawing from the marvelous artistic muses, we finally discover the infinite potential hidden in the gems of the world, rare treasures that imbue the universe with its vitality and incomparable beauty. 

Seasonal Canvas 

In celebration of natural diamonds and its energy, De Beers introduces Metamorphosis by De Beers, a high jewelry collection inspired by the changing seasons that combines innovative design with exceptional craftsmanship. The first set in the collection, Prelude starts the chapter with nine one-of-a-kind creations that are results of professional goldsmithing and diamond setting. Cleverly working with a variety of colored metals, rose gold, white diamonds, brown diamonds and fancy-colored diamonds, it evokes the memories specific to each season. Within the set feature four transformable pieces that capture the versatility of nature and celebrate the beauty of mother earth. The brightest piece of all is most definitely the Prelude Ear Cuff, a creation featuring diamond strands finished with a colored-titanium chrysalis. The chrysalises can be removed and added on to a charm bracelet, hinting at the beginnings of nature’s most magnificent process: metamorphosis. Another transformable piece, Prelude Necklace comes with four diamond strands of different material and crafting technique, echoing the majestic views of the four seasons. The four strands can also be worn alone, an establishment of ingenious design. Meanwhile, the Prelude Jacket ring offers four rows of various colored gold, which is the jacket, and a diamond solitaire—an awe-inspiring combination that turns the jewel into a vibrant painting of life and nature, shining brightly at the fingertip. 

Metamorphosis by De Beers 高級珠寶系列 Prelude 耳掛,價格店洽。
Metamorphosis by De Beers High Jewelry Collection Ear Cuffs, contact store for price. 

Faces of Flowers 

Channeling the timeless elegance of mimosas, Damiani pays tribute to femininity with its Mimosa high jewelry collection, a selection of masterpieces depicting the flower with different setting techniques and fancy-colored gemstones. With its saturated color glistening with charm, the Mimosa necklace in rose gold, diamond, pink sapphire and coral showcases an array of coral circled by white diamonds, rubies and pink corundum, as if whispering the passion hidden behind shyness. Another creation that catches the eye is the lightweight rings. Inspired by the harmonious nature mimosas entail, the variability brought by emeralds, rubies and sapphires showcases the century-old goldsmith expertise. Bringing colors to life, the mimosa sitting on the finger comes to life and captures a luxurious mosaic effect in between imagination and reality, a perfect portrayal of the different faces of the romantic flower. 

DAMIANI Mimosa 系列情境圖。
DAMIANI Mimosa Collection.

An Ode to Life 

Connecting exquisite creations with distinctive codes to capture the femininity in women’s confidence and beauty is exactly what Spirit Chapter II, a high jewelry collection by Louis Vuitton, is trying to express. 30 unique pieces encapsulate four values of the house—destiny, liberty, fantasy and radiance. Incorporating the symbol of iconic V, the majestic brilliance of the ruby is connected through three necklaces that embrace the curve of the neck, with countless invisible links allowing agility and movement. Liberty continues to serve as a source of inspiration for Louis Vuitton, as the necklace features the Damier pattern, the letter V and trunk details. The armor-like piece is adorned with over 195 custom-cut diamonds, constructing a visual imagery that is one-of-a-kind. Also from Liberty, the pendant featuring a precious reinterpretation of the historical trunk sparks curiosity with its extendable opening. Lastly, the new Radiance necklace features a geometry of pyramids in yellow K gold intertwined with diamond-paved V signatures. Fortified by a sensual 17.48 carats Mandarin spessartite garnet, the design emanates an audacious energy of its own, one that encourages us to strive forward in life. 

Louis Vuitton 高級珠寶 Spirit Chapter II Liberty吊墜,白 K 金, 1 顆 1.99 克拉祖母綠 切工藍寶石和其他鑽石,價格店洽。 
Louis Vuitton High Jewelry Spirit Chapter II Liberty Pendant, white K gold, diamond and a 1.99 carat emerald-cut sapphire, contact store for price.
Louis Vuitton 高級珠寶 Spirit Chapter II Destiny 項鍊,價格店洽。
Louis Vuitton High Jewelry Spirit Chapter II Destiny Necklace, contact store for price.

Drunkening Beauty 

During Paris Couture Week, Graff unveiled a new creation—a necklace that will capture the heart with just one glance. A masterpiece featuring a rare and extraordinary 50 carat D Flawless oval diamond as its mainstone, surrounded by 100 carats of diamonds in a variety of different cuts: pear shape, emerald cut, oval, round and baguette; it is a necklace of incomparable beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship. With distinctive layers of diamonds and contrasting cutting techniques, it plays around with lighting to create a surprising sense of dimension and depth. The fringe of diamonds is made of oval and pear shaped diamonds, intertwined to capture the ripples in the water. On the other hand, a combination of innovative artisanship and rare treasures of nature, the Yellow Diamond collection drunkens the heart. Witnessing the process of bringing early sketches to life, the creations bless the earth like the arrival of a goddess, who showers the world with warmth and brilliance and offers a glimpse of paradise, which is fleeting but ethereal.  

GRAFF 高級珠寶 Tribal 系列黃鑽項鍊,價格店洽。
GRAFF High Jewelry Tribal Necklace in yellow diamond, contact store for price.
GRAFF 高級珠寶橙黃耳環,價格店洽。
GRAFF High Jewelry earrings in orange yellow diamond, contact store for price.