頌薩私人島嶼—探索生命的專屬指南Song Saa Private Island—Exploring Life’s Exclusive Guide

頌薩私人島嶼位於柬埔寨高龍群島純淨和碧綠的海水地帶, 是一個可持續奢華隱世天堂。
Song Saa Private Island, a haven of sustainable luxury nestled in the undiscovered beauty of Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago.

TEXT|Amy Liu , TRANSLATION |Elaina Kung


For those luxury-seeking travelers who yearn for the call of nature and have a fervent desire for sustainable development, Song Saa Private Island is a unique paradise. This private island located in Cambodia is renowned for its love for Cambodia, unwavering commitment to sustainable development, and respect for the natural environment. The Life-Changing Journey at Song Saa Private Island offers an unparalleled accommodation experience designed to help guests establish deeper connections with nature and society, and to foster self-discovery and impact through ethical and responsible means.

Guests can enjoy uninterrupted sunrise or sunset views from the retreat’s luxury Ocean View, Overwater or Jungle Villas.


改變生命之旅始於一本極具啟發性的探索指南,這本指南在賓客抵達島嶼之前已經為他們打開了新世界。頌薩私人島嶼的專屬旅程策劃師將根據每位賓客的獨特興趣和偏好,訂製一個充滿個性的行程,包括個人化的養生服務、沉浸式的生物多樣性和保育體驗、人文探索和社會善念倡議等。這個度假村通過提供令人難忘的體驗,使賓客能夠全身心地融入當地令人振奮的文化、友好的社區,以及令人驚歎的生物多樣性。頌薩私人島嶼度假村位於高龍群島,在高棉文當中有「情人」之意,橫跨名為Koh Ouen「老婆島」和Koh Bong「老公島」的島嶼。這兩個原始的島嶼以一座人行橋相連,橫跨的區域被頌薩打造成柬埔寨首個海洋保護區,以保護珊瑚礁和海洋生物,包括海龜、海馬和熱帶魚等物種,且是柬埔寨首家符合道德標準的沿海奢華度假村。度假村共有24間別墅,靈感源自當地文化,這些別墅提供寬敞的海景和私人泳池。它們都採用當地的材料和手工製作,並融入柬埔寨的藝術和靈魂,呈現出自然之美。這些別墅設有特大雙人床、超大浴缸、日光浴平台和私人泳池,為賓客提供極致的舒適和隱私。

Luxury and Healing
The Life-Changing Journey begins with an incredibly inspirational exploration guide, which opens up a new world for guests even before they set foot on the island. The exclusive journey planner at Song Saa Private Island customizes a unique itinerary for each guest based on their individual interests and preferences. This personalized itinerary includes wellness services, immersive biodiversity and conservation experiences, cultural exploration, and social philanthropy initiatives. The resort, through offering unforgettable experiences, allows guests to immerse themselves fully in the local vibrant culture, the friendly community, and the astonishing biodiversity. Song Saa Private Island Resort is located in the Koh Rong Archipelago, which means “The Sweethearts” in Khmer, spanning two islands known as Koh Ouen (Wife Island), and Koh Bong (Husband Island). These two pristine islands are connected by a footbridge, and the area covered by Song Saa has been transformed into Cambodia’s first marine reserve to protect coral reefs and marine life, including species like turtles, seahorses, and tropical fish. It’s Cambodia’s first coastal luxury resort that meets ethical standards. The resort comprises 24 villas, inspired by local culture, offering spacious sea views and private pools. They are constructed using local materials and craftsmanship, infused with Cambodian art and soul, showcasing the beauty of nature. These villas feature oversized king beds, large bathtubs, sun decks, and private pools, providing guests with ultimate comfort and privacy.

Inspired by Cambodian fishing villages, the resort is designed with features such as over-water buildings, thatch roofs, rough-hewn natural timbers and driftwood furnishings.


頌薩度假村還提供一系列水療和養生護理服務,以身體主要能量為中心,分為三個主題:寧靜、療愈和祝福,賓客可以藉此放鬆和恢復活力,是將健康之旅與島嶼壯麗自然環境相結合的創新水療理念。度假村的水療理念受到佛教傳統的「Metta Bhavana」慈心禪理念的啟發,注重尊重生命和使用可持續天然產品,造福柬埔寨本地社區。除了養生護理活動外,頌薩私人島嶼也提供豐富的免費娛樂項目和附加體驗,增強了賓客在這個私人島嶼上的住宿體驗,包括清晨瑜伽、私人冥想、島嶼探險、自然尋寶之旅,甚至體驗傳統佛教祝福儀式。2013年成立的頌薩基金會為當地居民提供保育、教育、健康護理和社區活動計劃,同時保護區內獨有的動植物和海洋生態。賓客可以參觀鄰近島上的Prek Svay村莊,與基金會的保育團隊互動,了解他們為支持當地社區所做的努力。


Tranquility & Sustainability
Song Saa Resort also offers a range of spa and wellness services that focuses on the body’s primary energies and are divided into three themes: Tranquility, Healing, and Blessing. Guests can relax and rejuvenate through these services, which combines a health journey with the island’s magnificent natural surroundings, presenting an innovative spa concept. The resort’s spa concept is inspired by the Buddhist tradition of “Metta Bhavana,” emphasizing respect for life and the use of sustainable natural products that benefit the local communities in Cambodia. In addition to wellness activities, Song Saa Private Island also provides a variety of complimentary recreational and add-on experiences that enhance the guest’s stay on this private island. These experiences include early morning yoga, private meditation, island exploration, nature treasure hunts, and even participation in traditional Buddhist blessing ceremonies. Established in 2013, the Song Saa Foundation provides conservation, education, healthcare, and community development programs for local residents while protecting the unique wildlife and marine ecosystems within the area. Guests can visit the nearby Prek Svay village on the island, interact with the conservation team, and learn about their efforts to support the local community. For those seeking an experience beyond the ordinary, Song Saa Private Island is an unparalleled destination. This resort elevates travel to a higher level, aiming to help guests reconnect with themselves, nature, and society while upholding the values of ultimate luxury and environmental respect. When you come to Song Saa Private Island, you embark on an exclusive guide to exploring life, encompassing nature, culture, and self-discovery.